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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“Turn your phone into a webcam”

Mobiola WebCam
Mobiola WebCam is a cool app that turns your phone into a video camera for online chats. The software uses your mobile's camera as a fully-fledged webcam for Windows.
Video chat used to be something that we only dreamed about in films like Blade Runner or Total Recall. Now it's a reality and the technology has become so advanced that it's possible to chat face-to-face on your mobile phone. Mobiola WebCam basically consists of two parts: the client application on your phone and a webcam server installed on your PC that processes the images sent from your camera.
Mobiola WebCam's camera-to-PC communication all takes place via the magic of Bluetooth, meaning that images are processed pretty quickly, so there's not too much lag when transmitting them to the web, though obviously the smoothness will still depend on the speed of your net connection.

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